4 questions to choose the right diet for you (out of thousands)

Out of the dozen (maybe a hundred) diets out there, which one you choose will determine whether you get the results – and how much you’ll keep them.

Not because there is anything special or magical about a specific diet,…

but because if you don’t know which one you should choose, you are very likely to keep repeating the same cycle again and again.


Because the diet you choose is key to helping you lose weight fast, how long you’re gonna keep that weight… 

assuming you lose weight in the first place.

Now, here’s my simple steps to know which diet is the best option for you:

Ask yourself these 4 questions (in order):

  1. What type of food you cannot give up, no matter what? → Important: think not only as a sacrifice for 90 days, but rather you won’t be able to eat them ever again.
  2. What’s the reason you cannot leave that food out of your diet? (be specific, of course).
  3. Is there a diet that allows you to eat this type of food you cannot give up? Y/N 
  4. Can you make this diet a lifestyle? Y/N

This will get rid of most of the options you hear out there and focus rather on something based on your preferences and current situation.

If you’re wondering why I’m asking you these 4 questions and whether they make sense, just think about it this way.

It doesn’t matter if you think keto is “the diet” for you to lose weight, yet you can’t eat only fats and protein all day long, or you simply can’t give up the idea of eating something like potatoes, rice, bread and any other carb.

That’s why you need to choose something that works for you.

In this epidemic of fad diets and constant quick fixes to long term problems is vital for you to at least 

Don’t underestimate the questions.

We tend to like what seems so complicated and then rationalize it as the reason we couldn’t get results in the first place.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

First, assess your current preferences and diet in order to know what you can tolerate and follow rather than simply throwing 

And if you want to know more ways on how you can make the next diet you make the last one you’ll need with simple tips like this one, then you’re gonna want to sign up below:


Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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