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Your belly won’t be trimmed by doing any of these

If there’s one area that pretty much everyone (I don’t know anyone who’s the exception) wants to be gone is their belly area. That’s why they do things like: Cardio (regardless of the sessions you do per week or if it’s HIIT or not). Train abs at least 3 times per week Go crazy low

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The truth behind protein powder

There’s this misconception about protein powder out there. Many think it’s somehow magical while others think they can’t see results if they don’t take it on a daily basis. In fact, some people still think there’s this 30-minute anabolic window where if they don’t take it after their workout, they are not maximizing protein synthesis

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Why do people gain weight when eating low calories?

Whether you’re at 1,500kcal… 1,00kcal, or even lower…  there are some cases where you can gain weight (even when you’re eating low calories). Here’s why. In many cases, it’s because whether what you think is a deficit right now for you to lose weight… in reality, your metabolism has adapted to the point that it’s

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This happens when you go so low on calories

Yesterday, someone in a forum asked me a very interesting question. “I have been eating 600 calories or less for a whole year now. I want to reverse my diet according to my BMR 1200. What should I do? I am facing a medical problem because of the low calories lifestyle.” Well, maybe I can

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Why you need to eat more to lose weight

What would you do if I tell you that you need to eat more to lose fat? Doesn’t make sense, I know. You’ve heard a hundred times that to lose weight, you need to reduce your calories (AKA a caloric deficit)… and it’s true as that’s the only way to lose fat (regardless of what

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Carbs or fats? Which one is ideal for fat loss

Raise your hand if you’ve heard at least once that you should eat fewer carbs to lose weight? Now raise your hand if you’ve heard it for fats? Ok, interesting. Well, I got some bad news to share. Whether you’ve tried to cut carbs or fasts out of your diet, it doesn’t really matter. Why?

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