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How to deal with metabolic adaptations

If you’ve dieted at least once, you have heard the term ‘metabolic adaptation’. It’s a fancy term to explain what happens with your body when doing some changes in your body (like losing fat) and it’s something that will happen to everyone. The thing is… Not everyone knows that 1) it’s normal 2) what to

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Gravity’s law of fat loss

Ignoring this law when losing weight is like ignoring gravity. You can pretend it doesn’t exist or it won’t affect you, but soon enough you’ll be pulled into this law. What is it? The law of thermodynamics. As common and usual you hear this law and how important it is to understand fat loss, many

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This well-known doctor gets debunked

The other day, I was reading some articles in Medium about fat loss. To my surprise, I found a well-known doctor making some posts. But what really caught my attention was one of his articles that he posted 4 years ago, titled “The Useless concept of calories”. It was quite a good article with some

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Cutting carbs won’t help you lose weight

The more you cut rice (or any carb), the higher the chances of you gaining your weight back. Here’s why. In many cultures, people consume a lot of rice as part of their daily meals. But when they want to lose weight, they first turn to remove this food from their diets… which can end

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How to know which diet is the best for you

If you haven’t managed to keep the weight off you lose when dieting, this may be the reason. You see, one thing many people do when they have tried to lose fat at least more than once without being able to sustain those results is quite the opposite of what they should. Once they saw

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Why eating clean is the worst advice when losing weight

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for any amount of time, you’ve heard that a common “advice” is eating clean. The basics are simple. Eliminate all the processed food and just eat vegetables and some lean meat, but… here’s why eating clean is the worst advice to lose weight. Let’s say you manage to

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Why hormones are not important when losing weight

I bet you’ve heard at least once that “hormones help you dictate how your body responds” when losing fat. And I agree. Hormones influence a lot of processes in our body…  including the change in our weight. For instance, the thyroid is the one that regulates your metabolism …or how could I forget about insulin,

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How to spot fad diets before doing them

Intermittent fasting (IF), Paleo, Keto… (or any other popular diet) as much as you may like the idea behind them, there’s a problem. They are fad diets… regardless of how “scientific”, “breakthrough” and “magical” they may look like. Here’s something to look at. The idea behind fad diets is that they start raising due to

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