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How not to lose weight (even when you’re on a deficit)

What do you need to do to follow a caloric deficit properly? That’s the question someone asked me on a forum the other day, so I feel that my answer can help you as well. Here’s my reply: ————————- “I would focus on what you can control, first and foremost. You cannot control how much

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A new (and better) way to lose fat?

How many times have you to diet and lose fat all at once, just to later on find out you have gained the weight back… sometimes even more? Even if your answer is just once, I wouldn’t be surprised. You see, most people want to lose the weight they have to lose (let’s say 25lbs

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Counting calories the wrong way?

If you’ve tried to lose weight before by counting calories and didn’t get the results, then here’s why. Chances are there was a problem somewhere between the food you ate and what you thought you were eating. Here’s what I mean by that. Let’s say you were previously eating 2,500kcal and you started with a

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Why rapid fat loss = excess weight gain

The faster you lose fat, the greater the weight gain. Let me explain. In a world where people want to lose 10kg in 3 months – if possible, they would do it in a week – it’s not the one who loses that weight the fastest…  but the one who gets to keep those results.

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How to not gain your weight back after a diet

Let me ask you a question, What’s the main reason 95 out of 100 people who get to their desired weight gain it back afterwards? Is it a matter of the diet they followed? Maybe it’s because they didn’t stick with their diet long enough. Well, here’s the real answer. The issue is not whether

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Why extreme diets make you fatter

Quick question: What’s the #1 reason why extreme diets fail? They aren’t sustainable They don’t work They prevent you from eating what you want They will always work – it’s a myth Now, while some answers have some truths to the question (except the last one), there’s only one correct answer. That is the first

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When you want to disappear your belly fat, you do this

Losing belly fat is hard, right? Well, only if you’re following the advice you hear out there. Let me explain. The area most people (both men and women) want to change first and see results asap is their belly area. And it makes sense why. It’s not like something we’re really proud of, let alone

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