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2 words to spot an amateur fitness coach dressed up like a pro

Ask a question in regards to weight loss to 5 fitness coaches… and their answers will determine who you’re talking to. Here’s what I mean. WIth the constant rise of new fitness coaches coming out of nowhere, there should be a way to spot those who know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about…

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Is a salad better than a cookie for fat loss?

How many times have you heard the “avoid processed foods because they make you fat” narrative? This is only half true. Yes, you should try to pick more Whole Foods instead of processed foods, yet not for the reason you’re thinking. This is what many coaches and “experts” think it’s true, and I really don’t

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How to maintain a healthy diet in busy routines?

If you’ve wondered how you can maintain a particular diet when things aren’t as flexible as you’d want to, that’s not a problem. Now, there aren’t any set of rules about this, yet… here are some basic guidelines. Make sure to choose the ones that is suitable for you. First, if you’re on a very

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Uncomfortable truth about fat loss

Here’s a simple truth that everyone should know… and the moment you accept this as a truth, you’ll be able to not worry about dieting again. Ready? Losing fat is straightforward. Keeping it off is where the game is. Not an easy pill to digest, I know. Let me explain. Not only choosing a terrible

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This is an allowable weight loss rate per week

The faster you can lose weight, the better… right? Well, here’s something to consider. I’ve seen people on forums and groups who try to lose from 1kg to 10kg per month. And while there’s nothing wrong with that… the question is…  How much is a good rate? Well, it all goes down to whether you

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How to add some pounds after Holidays

There’s a simple way to add some pounds on Christmas, New Year,… even weekends. You just have to eat more of what you “should” and then you’ll gain some weight. That means, underestimating how much you’re eating and eating above your current calories. The thing is… Research says most people who gain weight during holidays

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Myth: you need to diet to get a six-pack?

So someone asked me this question the other day on a forum: “Can I get a six pack without sticking to a certain diet? If so, how?” The simple answer… not really. The real and more complex answer…  It’s hard to say. It doesn’t matter what diet you follow (whether that’s keto, intermittent fasting, etc),

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About your guilt after eating out

Imagine that you’re going out to eat on a Friday with some friends. You had a lot of expectations to go out with them during the week, so you got ready for it. Then Friday comes by…  You get to meet with your friends at a restaurant and start having a good time. You catch

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