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What do you need to do to get your desired weight (for good)?

Quick quiz What do you need to do to achieve your desired weight? Lessen your calories Maintain your calories Add calories Go ahead, take your time… Ready? Ok, so here’s the answer… all of them are wrong! Let me show you why. If you paid attention, there’s no exact information of what your current weight

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Why what you eat matters (if you eat your calories)

Quick quiz: What’s the number one problem with most fat loss diets out there? Hormones Carbohydrates Fats Protein Take your time… Ok.  Now that you have one, let me tell you the real answer… None of those is the right answer. You see, people out there think that one of the above (among others) is

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Stop hiding your belly with a pillow

I know it’s uncomfortable… I know how embarrassed it feels just seeing it (AND feeling it)… I know you would prefer people not noticing at all. That’s why you try to hide it using a pillow whenever you sit on a couch and you have one. Look, I’ve been there. This is one of the

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7 best high protein food for building muscle/fat loss

Last week, I read someone asking this question in a forum: “What are some of the best high protein foods for building muscle/fat loss?” And it’s an interesting question, but not for the reason you may be thinking… You see, protein is protein. That means, there’s no such a thing as protein that’s good for

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3 myths that stop you from losing fat

One of the most common myths of all in the fitness industry is: “People shouldn’t eat carbs. They are the enemy.” Well, I’ve always wondered where they come up with that. Because science says something totally opposite. They have done a lot of research and here’s what they found. It doesn’t matter whether you distribute

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Not losing fat in a deficit? Here’s why

If you’re not losing weight (of fat, for that matter) when you’re on a deficit, it’s because you’re not on a real deficit. Here’s what I mean. There’s nothing (and there’s really no magic formula) to losing fat that creates a caloric deficit, yet… Many people seem to struggle losing that weight when they are

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This is what a “diet” really means

Many people go out there saying they are on a diet without paying attention to the real definition. To begin with, let’s explore the roots of the word diet. It comes from the greek diata, which means “a way of living” So this means that when you say “you’re on a diet”, in reality, you

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Not all weight loss is created equal

Do you know why I’d rather lose 3-5 pounds of fat per month than 10+ of weight? Simply because it lets me know that the majority of the weight I lose will come from fat and not other tissues like muscle. There’s this idea that all weight loss is created equal. And they simply don’t

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