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How to lose fat and gain muscle… at the same time

Let’s be clear on something. Nothing and no one will be able to beat the law of physics… and in this case, the law of thermodynamics. If you want to lose fat then you have to create a caloric deficit. Want to build muscle? Then create a caloric surplus. It’s that simple (no one said

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All calories are NOT equal?

All calories are not equal, right? Wrong. A calorie is a calorie, no matter what. It’s a unit for measuring heat. …But the underlying idea behind it is true. The best part is that it can give you a clear idea on why focusing on this can help you lose fat and gain muscle in

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Which one wins: Flexible diet vs IF?

From all the diets, I chose these diets for 2 reasons: They are somewhat popular. Intermittent Fasting (IF) is always popular because of “autophagy” or the fact that you “burn fat while fasting because you’re using your reserves of fat”. Flexible diet seems to be the best thing since sliced bread. Eat what you want

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How to gain your weight back (and then some)

How many times have you tried dieting to lose weight? Chances are, is more than once… in fact, you would need to count to see how many times have you actually attempted to drop those pounds away. Who knows and maybe you’re even dieting right now… Here’s the thing. If you want to keep gaining

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How to lose weight regardless of your age

Let me be clear on this thing with diets… with losing fat, to be precise. Whether you’re 13, 43… or 71, it only matters one thing when you want to lose those extra pounds. That thing is that you eat below your current maintenance calories. Period.  So let me give you an example: When I

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This is the only way to lose belly fat

“How do I lose my belly fat?” That’s one of the most common questions whenever someone wants to see some changes in their bodies. And I get it… nothing would be better and feeling like all the effort is paying off than to start looking down and get a smile on your face because you’re

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How to maintain a healthy diet in busy routines?

If you’ve wondered how you can maintain a particular diet when things aren’t as flexible as you’d want to, that’s not a problem. Now, there aren’t any set of rules about this, yet… here are some basic guidelines. Make sure to choose the ones that is suitable for you. First, if you’re on a very

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What do you need to do to get your desired weight (for good)?

Quick quiz What do you need to do to achieve your desired weight? Lessen your calories Maintain your calories Add calories Go ahead, take your time… Ready? Ok, so here’s the answer… all of them are wrong! Let me show you why. If you paid attention, there’s no exact information of what your current weight

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