“The reason you are not where you want it to be with your body... is that you’re using pseudoscience, Fad Diets and other myths in the fitness industry.
Let me personally Coach you To get the body you want With The Science Of Fat Loss (while cutting through the B.S.)

Why an application?

2 reasons:

  1. I know I can’t help anyone… and I know I’m not for everyone.

    Plus, the level of attention you get is as close as having me in your home, watching what you do and helping you with every single thing you need to get the body you want. I know I can bring in results, I just don’t know if I’m the right fit for what I offer and if you’re the right fit for what I can give.

  2. I genuinely care.
    Sounds cliche, I know, but I want to make sure that everyone who gets into my coaching succeeds no matter what. And for that, I need to make sure we’re not only aligned but that you’re in the right situation to get my help so that I can bring my 110% to help you.
Now, I will be upfront with you…
You don’t need my coaching at all (or any coaching for that matter).
With what I give you inside Fat Loss On Demand (and other offers), you have everything you need in terms of knowledge and tools built around a system (based on the science of fat loss) to lose fat and keep it off, build muscle, and efficiently train for your goals.
Yet… my coaching can be like going from you having a map and knowing how to read it…
to just letting yourself be guided through everything while making sure you get to where you want to be.
Life is all about possibilities.
And while now you have everything you need to get your dream body, with my coaching you increase the odds of getting the body you want… faster, and without the mistakes you’re prone to make (even with the knowledge and tools).
So know that while my 1-on-1 coaching (and any coaching) isn’t “necessary” for you… it’s a shortcut.
If you want to speed up the results and make it almost guaranteed to get the body of your dreams, then you’re gonna want to keep reading and see how to apply to my 1-on-1 coaching program.

Here's everything you're getting (if we're a good fit)

Just to put things in perspective...

According to Indeed.com, the average coach in 2022 charges for $26 an hour.


But that’s just the personal training side.


Because since you’re getting my guidance as a nutritional coach as well, you’d need to add the average $18 per hour (minimum) that Salary.com says someone asks in 2022.


This is to prove my point…

If we were to add my coaching services for both as a personal trainer ($26) and nutritional coach ($18), you’d get a total of $44 per hour.


Now, while a nutrition coach would certainly be more than an hour a day, I’d keep both the training AND nutrition as if they were only for 1 hour a day.

But recall you have access to me pretty much all day long to ask me questions… something most coaches won’t do.


This puts us at $44 per day.


Now, I don’t know how many times per week you’re gonna need to work out, but let’s just put the “standard” 6 times per week.


And even when the diet would be every single day, I’d still count it as something you only do 6 times a week.


Now that puts us at $220 ($44 per hour x 6 days) per week.

What does this mean?…


From there, we can deduce that over the course of a month, it would be equal to $1,056.


But you’re not getting this coaching for a month… you’re getting it for 3 months (or 4, depending on your situation). Still, I’ll do the math with the most conservative numbers.

That means that this type of coaching for 3 months would be a total of $3,168

But I said it before…



I genuinely want to help as many people as I can possibly help who are a fit for this.


Because if you were to consider that you get me as your 1-1 coach for 3 or 4 months to directly help you get to the body you want, this should be the minimum I should ask (I mean, that was what the idea of all this exercise).


That being said…


Whenever I work with clients, I want to make sure they get all the help they need from me to really succeed and keep the results.



And that’s why I’ll be giving my 1-1 coaching to you for a one-time investment of $3,168 2599 USD. (installment options available)

You’re saving a total of $569 – which is like getting 2 weeks of my coaching for Free (based on the math we did before).


But even with all of this, you don’t have to worry about deciding to get my 1-1 coaching, because… 

You're FULLY covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

You’re fully backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this


So if by 3-4 months you don’t get the body you want and you’ve been fully committed to following my guidance, I’ll work with you (for Free) until you get that body you want. So you won’t be risking anything here… you get my 1-on-1 help and undivided attention.


And based on my experience, I don’t think you’ll even need to use this guarantee… 


as you’d get the results in the months we work together.


Get my 1-on-1 coaching help with 3-4 months for a one-time investment
USD 2599 One-time investment. It's less than 29 bucks a day
Don't worry, you don't have to pay to book the call. You only pay IF we are a good fit for each other - which we will know by the end of our call
  • 1-on-1 coaching for 3-4 months
  • 18/7 Direct Access to me via Whatsapp
  • Weekly check-in assessments
  • Guided workout once per week
Best offer

Pick a time to talk to me

Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss
Fat Loss Fundamentals
Science of Nutrition
Who am I?

Whether you book a call with me or not, I want you to get the body you want… faster, and realize how great it is once you get there.

I genuinely want that for you.

Your #1 fan and coach,

CH Certified Trainer / Nutritional Coach / Fat Loss Expert

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