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Carbs or fats? Which one is ideal for fat loss

Raise your hand if you’ve heard at least once that you should eat fewer carbs to lose weight? Now raise your hand if you’ve heard it for fats? Ok, interesting. Well, I got some bad news to share. Whether you’ve tried to cut carbs or fasts out of your diet, it doesn’t really matter. Why?

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Why eating clean is the worst advice when losing weight

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for any amount of time, you’ve heard that a common “advice” is eating clean. The basics are simple. Eliminate all the processed food and just eat vegetables and some lean meat, but… here’s why eating clean is the worst advice to lose weight. Let’s say you manage to

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How to spot fad diets before doing them

Intermittent fasting (IF), Paleo, Keto… (or any other popular diet) as much as you may like the idea behind them, there’s a problem. They are fad diets… regardless of how “scientific”, “breakthrough” and “magical” they may look like. Here’s something to look at. The idea behind fad diets is that they start raising due to

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The #1 issue with protein powder and fat loss

If you feel like there’s some protein powder specific for fat loss, here’s something to think about. This common idea of having ‘tools’ targeted to our goal is great, yet… It doesn’t mean it’s right. Let me show you why. Protein is protein, no matter what goal you’re going after. Whether you want to build

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Is a salad better than a cookie for fat loss?

How many times have you heard the “avoid processed foods because they make you fat” narrative? This is only half true. Yes, you should try to pick more Whole Foods instead of processed foods, yet not for the reason you’re thinking. This is what many coaches and “experts” think it’s true, and I really don’t

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Myth: you need to diet to get a six-pack?

So someone asked me this question the other day on a forum: “Can I get a six pack without sticking to a certain diet? If so, how?” The simple answer… not really. The real and more complex answer…  It’s hard to say. It doesn’t matter what diet you follow (whether that’s keto, intermittent fasting, etc),

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This is what a “diet” really means

Many people go out there saying they are on a diet without paying attention to the real definition. To begin with, let’s explore the roots of the word diet. It comes from the greek diata, which means “a way of living” So this means that when you say “you’re on a diet”, in reality, you

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Not all weight loss is created equal

Do you know why I’d rather lose 3-5 pounds of fat per month than 10+ of weight? Simply because it lets me know that the majority of the weight I lose will come from fat and not other tissues like muscle. There’s this idea that all weight loss is created equal. And they simply don’t

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