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Why most people lose weight the hard way

First things first, let’s see how to lose fat the hard way. It’s important to point out that regardless of the definition, this is based completely on science. That means, opinions aren’t actually very helpful when data tells us the opposite. Cool?… Ok.  So now, here it is how to know whether you’re trying to

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What to do when you reach a plateau?

Let’s picture this. You’ve been dieting for the past few weeks and you started to lose some weight (Congrats!), yet… one week, you noticed the scale wasn’t really moving. You wonder what exactly to do when you get to that point… Maybe it’s eating less? But how much less? What if next week all of

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This is what a “diet” really means

Many people go out there saying they are on a diet without paying attention to the real definition. To begin with, let’s explore the roots of the word diet. It comes from the greek diata, which means “a way of living” So this means that when you say “you’re on a diet”, in reality, you

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Not all weight loss is created equal

Do you know why I’d rather lose 3-5 pounds of fat per month than 10+ of weight? Simply because it lets me know that the majority of the weight I lose will come from fat and not other tissues like muscle. There’s this idea that all weight loss is created equal. And they simply don’t

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