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+ BONUS LESSONS ADDED (Released on Dec. 19th)

Lesson #1 – The Basics of Training

Lesson #2 – Men vs. Women and their training

Lesson #3 – Training and Exercise

Lesson #4 – Types of training

Lesson #5 – How to train when cutting

Lesson #6 – Volume and Periodization

Lesson #7 – Tools for your training

Lesson #8 – What changes in your training when losing fat

Lesson #9 – Cardio

What's "Every Rep Counts" all about?

Whether we like it or not, our bodies tend to adapt to any stimulus (the fancy term is it seeks homeostasis).


This happens when dieting, and this happens with training.


Well, this masterclass gives you all the tools you need to keep making progress, just so your body “doesn’t catch up” with the stimulus.


❌ This is not a “follow along” training program that gives you different training sessions.

✅ This is a manual on all the principles and concepts you need to adapt your training.


I  explain what you need to know about training and how it complements fat loss (although it also works when looking to build muscle).


If you want to not depend on training videos and rather know how to create your own programs that suit you (but with the beauty of knowing how to tweak things when you stop making progress), then get this Masterclass.


And yes, any future updates that might come up you’ll also get them – so don’t worry about that. 

What you will get out of this course?

Who is the course for?

This is for men and women who are doing some type of resistance training (you don’t even have to go to the gym – as you’ll see why in the Masterclass), then this is for you.

These principles also apply to you regardless of your training experience.

If you’re new to this, great. You won’t be making the same mistakes most people make (me included, of course) when training.

And if you have some experience… well, now you will know how to keep progressing and avoid hitting walls with your training.

Have a look inside the lessons

Knowing how to work out is just part of the equation. The issue is to find out if the way you’re working out is the best way for you based on your level or if you could be maximizing your results by doing less. This lesson is about answering the 5 basic (and very obvious) questions about training.

Men, women, or dogs (well, not sure about the last one) need to train differently… or they should train the same way? I guess there is only one way you’ll find out.

Don’t let the name of this lesson trick you. It’s all about knowing how training really fits into fat loss and how it can help you tweak things based on your progress and goals.

When I talk about “types of training”, I’m talking about something basic yet underestimated concept when working out. But the true beauty is when you combine them… that’s the best way you maximize results and get the best out of both worlds.

If you’ve heard the saying “go lightweight” or “do lower reps and higher sets” when cutting, then this lesson will show you not only why this isn’t true… but why it’s one of the worst things you can do. And of course, I tell you what you really need to do to keep progressing while maximizing fat loss.

So you may have heard about periodization and how it impacts your training. Well, imagine now having the option to know how to use them when working out… and what “volume” really means when fitness experts say “to keep making progress, just add more volume”. 

There are 2 types of training protocols that (while nothing magical and you might have even done them) give you not only variability in your training – but it makes working out something exciting to try new things. Plus, they are ideal when you add them to the design of your training programs.

There are certain things you should change in your training when losing fat. The idea behind this is the same as all the lessons… you want to avoid getting stuck as much as possible while giving the body the impulse it needs to lose fat.

HIIT or LISS? Maybe both?… What about neither? Cardio is helpful, but not necessary. The thing is most people misunderstand cardio and they end up doing hours of it per week (mostly HIIT… as that’s what burns more calories, right?) and barely see any results in their fat loss journey. But cardio shouldn’t be done only when losing fat as well. This is what this final lesson is all about… getting to how cardio really fits into the puzzle.

As of right now, I’m including 3 extra video lessons. When you’re done watching them, you’re gonna know exactly how to structure your week for optimal training. Plus, you’ll know how to adapt every part of your workout based on your specific goals (like strength or hypertrophy).


I may include other things you might find useful when it comes to using the science of training and adapting it to your specific situation.

Are You Ready To Start?

You also get the Bonus below included (not the ones I mentioned above… these are other Bonus videos I’ll be adding)


This is a short ebook, so don’t think you’ll need 2 weeks or more to go through it.

It’s concisely made on purpose.

The goal is to give you all the tips you need to preserve your body as much muscle as possible when losing fat.

This combines both nutrition and training, so you know what things you should pay attention to (and what’s noise) when looking to lose fat, yet look great in the end.

I was planning to sell this ebook as something on its own (didn’t really come up with a price… maybe $20 or $35), but I rather give it to you for Free when you get the “Every Rep Counts” Masterclass.

So don’t wait any further… get the Masterclass and know what to do with your training to get the body you want.

All you have to do is click the link below.

One-time payment of 249usd. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.