Every Rep Counts


Using science of training and motivation to speed up your results and get the body of your dreams in the next 12-weeks…. regardless of your goals, experience with training, or your current physique

What does it really take to get the body you want?


❌ It’s not to have gifted genetics

❌ You don’t need to spend hours at the gym (or use any fancy equipment at all)

❌ …and it’s definitely not having the magic routine, sets, or reps.


This might be counterintuitive, but…


you can get into the best shape of your life (it doesn’t matter your age or sex) while working out from home, doing exercises that aren’t complex, and in many cases in less than 30 minutes.


Whether we like it or not, our bodies tend to adapt to any stimulus (the fancy term is it seeks homeostasis).

This happens when dieting, and this happens with training.


The issue is…


we tend to disregard training because it’s easier to see progress (even when we are not doing things the most optimal way).



So what do we do? 

We disregard it and we focus on dieting alone.



And while dieting with some decent training (or even without training) can get you the body you want, you are doing it at a cost.



You end up sacrificing strength, muscle mass, and other key benefits like endurance when you disregard the way you train.


Plus, since you’re training anyway…


wouldn’t you do it in the most optimal way that gets you into the best shape of your life… faster?



This is what this masterclass is all about.



It gives you all the tools you need to keep making progress so your body doesn’t “catch up” with the stimulus.


This is NOT a “follow-along” training program that gives you different training sessions.



"Every Rep Counts"

What you will get out of this course?

So what do you want?


Do you want to keep depending on training videos you find on Youtube every day, not knowing whether you’re doing is going to give you results?…


Or would you rather know how to create your own programs that suit you (but with the beauty of knowing how to tweak things when you stop making progress)?


Every day you go after by working out without a clear idea of your programming, you’re sacrificing possible gains in strength and actually making your progress slower.


If you want to finally train using what science shows us works best, then you’re gonna want to get this Masterclass.

Who is this course for?

This is for men and women who are doing some type of resistance training (you don’t even “have” to go to the gym – as you’ll see why in the Masterclass).


These principles also apply to you regardless of your training experience, current physique, or age.

If you’re new to this, great!


You won’t be making the same mistakes most people make (me included, of course) when training.

And if you have some experience…


well, now you will know how to keep progressing and avoid hitting walls with your training.



Lesson #1 - The basics of training

Knowing how to work out is just part of the equation.
The issue is to find out if the way you’re working out is the best way for you based on your level or if you could be maximizing your results by doing less. This lesson is about answering the 5 basics (and very obvious) questions about training. There’s no point in me going deeper if we don’t have the foundations in place.

Lesson #2 - Men vs. Women and their training differences

Men, women, dogs (well, not sure about the last one) need to train differently… or they should train the same way? I guess there is only one way you’ll find out.
In this lesson, I cover the similarities and/or differences between how men and women should train to maximize their training and work out toward the body they want.

Lesson #3 - Training and exercise

Don’t let the name of this lesson trick you.
It’s all about knowing how training really fits into fat loss and how it can help you tweak things based on your progress and goals. This is not about training for fat loss (fat loss is a by-product), and you will see how to make sure you take certain considerations like reps and sets when deciding to lose fat.

Lesson #4 - Types of training

When I talk about “types of training”, I’m talking about something basic yet an underestimated concept when working out. But the true beauty is when you combine them… that’s the best way you maximize results and get the best out of both worlds. They let you add variety to your training while keeping things fun and enjoyable. Plus, you can end up shortening the time it takes you to finish a workout.

Lesson #5 - how to train when cutting

If you’ve heard the saying “go lightweight” or “do lower reps and higher sets” when cutting, then this lesson will show you not only why this isn’t true…
but why it’s one of the worst things you can do. And of course, I tell you what you really need to do to keep progressing while maximizing fat loss. Sure, just keep in mind these are tweaks, not specific protocols or magical workouts.

Lesson # 6 - VOlume and periodization

So you may have heard about periodization and how it impacts your training.
Well, imagine now having the option to know how to use them when working out… and what “volume” really means when fitness experts say “to keep making progress, just add more volume.” This lesson is all about how to structure and program your training so you keep progressing every single week.

Lesson # 7 - Tools for your training

There are 2 types of training protocols that (while nothing magical and you might have even done them) give you not only variability in your training – but it makes working out something exciting to try new things. Plus, they are ideal when you add them to the design of your training programs.
The idea is to make your workouts enjoyable and something you want to do. This is how.

Lesson # 8 - What changes to expect

There are certain things you should change in your training when losing fat.
The idea behind this is the same as all the lessons… you want to avoid getting stuck as much as possible while giving the body the impulse it needs to lose fat.
There are 3 areas you should pay attention to the most, and while this is a short lesson, you will have clarity on what changes you should make.

Lesson # 9 - Cardio

HIIT or LISS? Maybe both?… What about neither? Cardio is helpful, but not necessary. The thing is most people misunderstand cardio and they end up doing hours of it per week (mostly HIIT… as that’s what burns more calories, right?) and barely see any results in their fat loss journey. But cardio shouldn’t be done only when losing fat as well. This is what this final lesson is all about… getting to how cardio really fits into the puzzle.

...Plus, you also get these (for Free)

Bonus video #1

Recent science shows there’s an optimal way of structuring your workouts for the week.

Nothing will happen if you don’t use it, but it’s like deciding to cook your food by using stones vs. a stove. Only one will get you to the best shape of your life way faster.

Bonus video #2

What if I told you that hypertrophy and strength are only 2 of the 9 different goals you can pursue with your training?


You will know how to train for each category, the rep range for each one, and how to get the most out of all of the 9 categories. 

Bonus video #3

If you were to give me only 5 exercises to use for the rest of my life, these would be.


The reason why is that the stimulus you get when doing it is perfect to gain strength or build muscle, but it’s also great for anyone at any level (you can do 1 rep or 100 reps in different variations)

Retain as much muscle while losing fat

This is a short ebook, so don’t think you’ll need 2 weeks or more to go through it.


It’s short by design.


The goal is to give you all the tips you need to preserve your body as much muscle as possible when losing fat.


This combines both nutrition and training, so you know what things you should pay attention to (and what’s noise) when looking to lose fat, yet look great in the end.


I was planning to sell this ebook as something on its own (didn’t really come up with a price… maybe somewhere between $20 or $35), but I rather give it to you for Free when you get the “Every Rep Counts” Masterclass.


So don’t wait for any further… get the Masterclass and know what to do with your training to get the body you want.


All you have to do is click the link below.


But that's not all...

As I said before, I know that sticking to something new can be quite challenging, which is one reason why fail and quit.


In fact, no matter how much you know about dieting or training…


you will only make lasting changes when you have full control over yourself.


And that includes your mindset and your habits.


That’s why I’m also offering you a program called…


"The Psychology of Motivation"

What you will get out of this course?

My goal is to give you the solutions to anything that can come your way to get the body you want.


This is why I’m showing you how to structure your own workouts…


and how to stay consistent with your fat loss goals.


And for that, you're getting
these 5 bonuses as well

It doesn’t take more than a quick Google search to find out most training programs are based on 12 weeks.


But there’s something I’ve seen happening again and again…


Once the 12 weeks are done, they don’t know what else to do.


They don’t know how to keep making progress, leaving them with confusion about what they should do next to keep the results and get better.


That’s why I created the “Beyond 12-week programs”


This Bonus alone could be worth the entire price of this Bundle.


It’s a 12-week program you can adapt to your situation.


But above all, it gives you all the tools to not only create your own 12-week programs, but what to do once they are done so you keep making progress every day.




If you think vitamins and minerals aren’t that important, then consider this…

Many of the health problems many people have (lack of energy, mental fogginess, dizziness and way more…) usually come from deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals.

And I’m not saying taking supplements is the answer (which I don’t recommend unless in a very specific situation).

I’m saying how knowing what to eat so you get to not only look your best…

but you feel your best.

That’s why I’m also adding the “Ultimate ‘Micro’ Guide” to your order… absolutely Free.

I consider this as a short Fitness Bible…


because it shows you key concepts you need to understand about fitness.


Not only does it show you how fitness impacts all aspects of your life, but it shows you what approaches can work best for you based on guidelines.


This will let you stick to your goals and make you unstoppable in the long term.


Plus, you get to see fitness as a piece of the puzzle rather than in isolation.


That’s why I’m adding this guide “Fitness Psychology” at no additional cost to your order today.




Even when I share on “Every Rep Counts” why you don’t need any cardio at all to lose fat… and why is the last thing you should focus on, I want to show you how to do it right when you use it.



That’s why I break down not only the 2 most common types of cardio, but when to use each one and how they help you get the body you want.



Plus, it comes with all the exercises you could think of to combine and create your own cardio sessions…


as well as some examples of using cardio to burn (and lose) fat.



As such, I’m also giving you this guide (which you can’t get anywhere else) for Free today with this offer.



They will help you stay more present, grounded, and let you focus on what you want to do.


Last (but definitely not least)…


Remember how habits will be what ultimately break you from getting the body you want?


Well, that’s why I’ve assembled a 52-week guide for you to become the person you have always wanted.


In that way, you will start becoming the best version of yourself from week 1.


And this will start evolving beyond just fitness (as you’ll see).


It’s divided into 10 sections. Each section has different areas it helps you replace your habits with the ones you need. So by the end of 52 weeks, you’d be able to do whatever you want with your life.


All those unfinished projects… all those things you wanted to start… all those goals you set up for yourself…


Now, you will be able to get them with ease by following this guide.



Are You Ready To Change your body, MIND, AND LIFE?

  • Every Rep Counts Masterclass + 3 Bonuses $549

    Principles to help you make your training the most optimal and get you the best results with your body.

  • The Psychology of Motivation $299

    Know what it takes to do to get what you know you should do, especially when you don't feel like it.

  • BONUS 1: Beyond 12-week programs $31.99

    Follow this 12-week program to have an epic transformation... and then know how to build your own programs.

  • BONUS. 2: Ultimate 'Micro' diet $27.99

    Get the details of how to use vitamins and minerals to maximize your health.

  • BONUS 3: Fitness Psychology $29.99

    How to maximize your fitness and get in the best shape of your life by knowing the fundamentals.

  • BONUS 4: Cardio HIIT and LISS training guide $79.00

    3 short sessions to increase focus, stay present, and even help you lose fat.

  • BONUS 5: Better Habits $39.00

    A 52-week program designed to change your life and get where you want to be.

Total VALUE: $1055.97

for you today: 249

one-time payment - (Save 77% - $816.97)


3 Small payments of 89

The Masterclass gets added to your membership area right away.

I’m confident you will have everything in terms of the principles to be able to train based on your goals and unique situation… without having to use Youtube videos or other sources to work out.

Yet, if for whatever reason don’t see some progress in your training and you have implemented everything in the next 30 days after your purchase, just email me at support@fitnessthetic.com with the subject line “Refund – ERC Masterclass” and I will give you your money back.

No hard feelings. No hassles. 

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Frequently asked questions

I know this will work for you because it’s based on the science of training.

As I’ve done with anything I offer, this is not something that I built based on my experience, but rather using what I know it’s replicable to anyone who uses it to the T. Plus, using science allows me to understand the reason behind why doing certain things work or don’t work, so I and anyone who uses the science of training can discover where to fix things when there are no results 

Simple. Because I want to show you how to fish, not give you the fish.

I might create a separate program in the future where I do follow-along videos and training, but for now… I want to help you create your own workouts and give you the confidence that you’re doing things correctly and toward the body you want. Plus, you don’t really “need” any videos to follow-along anymore with this Masterclass.

After you successfully completed your order, it will redirect you right away to the Masterclass.

And you can access it later on inside your members area, whenever you want and as many times as you want.

I’m confident you will have everything in terms of the principles to be able to train based on your goals and unique situation… without having to use Youtube videos or other sources to work out.


Yet, if for whatever reason don’t see some progress in your training and you have implemented everything in the next 30 days after your purchase, just email me at support@fitnessthetic.com with the subject line “Refund – ERC Masterclass” and I will give you your money back.


No hard feelings. No hassles.


In fact, I disclaim the sources of where I get the 3 Bonuses I’m adding to the training (don’t want to pretend I’m the owner of those great ideas).

But not only I’m giving you everything you need on a silver platter for you just to use and start seeing results as soon as you implement them, but I give you some of my takeaways or tips after working out for over 11 years and with many clients. So I end up adding some comments of some kind to every single piece of information I share. 


You can just keep watching Youtube videos with follow-along training videos or that share the theory I’m sharing. I just put everything together in a concise way, filtering the pseudoscience from the evidence-based approach, and with my 2 cents on many concepts based on my experience applying them with other people.

Don’t worry. If I keep adding more content, you will get it at no additional cost. 
And I will tell you (most likely via email) that I have added new content, so you will also know when that happens.

You don’t have to do anything (besides putting in practice what I share).

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