How to spot fad diets before doing them

Intermittent fasting (IF), Paleo, Keto… (or any other popular diet)

as much as you may like the idea behind them, there’s a problem.

They are fad diets… regardless of how “scientific”, “breakthrough” and “magical” they may look like.

Here’s something to look at.

The idea behind fad diets is that they start raising due to popularity of some sort, yet…

they usually 1) lack evidence to support their claims, and 2) you’re not going to be doing any better with or without them.

I’ve said it a couple of hundred times already.

There’s only one way to lose weight.

It doesn’t matter what “approach” you take, as long as you’re paying attention to what matters.

Want to use a Keto diet?… Great, go for it.

Feel like IF is for you?… Perfect. 

The thing is…

Fad diets like to dress up like the real answer to why you’re not losing weight (or why you’re gaining it back once you lost it), when in reality science has already shown us the reason why these happen.

But, how do you spot fad diets?


If you feel like they are somehow pushing you to a particular way of eating as “the solution” to the weight loss problem, chances are it’s a fad diet.

Now, you may have tried some fad diet before and think it isn’t that bad.

I get it.

The issue is not a matter of whether they can work or not… the issue is that if you try them and you don’t lose weight AND keep it off, then you’re destined to keep playing the yo-yo diet game.

That’s why if you don’t focus on following a diet (any diet) that’s sustainable to you…

you’ll gain your weight back (while adding some more pounds).

Science has shown this over and over again.

All you have to do is follow something you can stick to it and it will be 10x superior to any “fad diet” you’ll ever encounter.

That’s the #1 requisite you need to pay attention to before even dieting.

If you’re not clear on how to do this (because it’s simple – to the point I condensed everything you need to know in a 2-page Cheatsheet) while using 3 quick “tweaks” in your diet that ‘force’ your body to lose more fat… then make sure you sign up below to get both of these for Free.


And before I leave…

I can’t stand for how fad diets are dressed up as the answer, because they made me waste a lot of years to finally lose my belly fat. If anything, they only made me gain more weight due to the rebound effect they have.

So this short post should help you avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made, as I’ve seen most people fall into fad diets.

What matters is knowing how to get out of them.

And the first step is by knowing what science tells you… regardless of the approach you take.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic