Fat Loss Myth Debunker

Don’t neglect the power of knowing the science of fat loss. You’ll be able to decently spot when a claim sounds good yet it’s completely BS vs. actual science.

They are simple and they are not formatted as an academic textbook, but they give you “the truth”.

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The Ultimate Diet Planner Cheatsheet

Use it along with the Fat Loss On Demand ebook. And this is the only material you’re allowed to print it for yourself if you like – no issue at all.

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Cooking My Way TO Shred

Simple recipes you can make… the idea is more than me actually giving you recipes, for you to have some basics of what’s possible and what you need so you can become with your own variations of this food. I’ll be revealing more recipes in the future as well, so don’t worry.

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Unannounced bonus

The_Fat_Loss_Multiplier (FREE)

The Fat Loss Multiplier

This is a “shortcut” (if you will) to make some fast changes in your diet that guide you towards what you should really focus on. Read the “Fat Loss On Demand” ebook first, and then come here… in that way, you know the basics and that what’s inside isn’t magical.

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