Losing fat vs. Burning fat. Which one should you focus on?

Most people want to burn fat, but very few want to lose fat.

Sounds kinda stupid, I know.

Let me explain.

If you thought that burning and losing fat were the same thing, let me show you that it’s not the case.

One is the process of actually burning fat (I mean…) and the other one refers to the “net” fat oxidation and deposition happening in your body every day.

When you’re “burning” fat, you’re oxidizing it… when you’re “storing” it, you’re depositing it.

With me so far?

So, what you want to actually do and should focus on when attempting to say goodbye to those pounds is fat loss.

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re burning 100-300 kcal per day if at the end of the day you’re having a positive net balance.

This means that doing cardio isn’t the solution… not the way you think about it, at least.

As always, what matters is if you create a caloric deficit to start actually losing weight (and ideally, losing fat).

But if you’ve tried already a caloric deficit and still haven’t lost weight, it’s for a simple reason I covered in another post.

What you should know for now is that in order to make progress and get sustainable results, then all you have to do is right here in what you just read.

Still, if you want more clarifications and want to know in great detail how this is done, then…

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Above all, do yourself a favor and by any means fall prey of those claiming to have the “magic pill” (AKA, the miracle diet or the groundbreaking supplement) to lose weight and keep it off.

Keep working towards your goals… you’re moving forward (even when it doesn’t seem that way),

Ivan Iniguez

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