The food you should avoid when losing fat

The moment you start cutting out some food from your diet, a lot of things start to happen.

Both good and bad.

The good things are that if you cut rice, pizza, ice cream or any other food… you can be pretty much confident you’ll lose weight.

But not because there is anything inherently bad in these foods.

Rather, you’re going to lose weight because you are creating a deficit by eliminating some food.

And that leads us to the bad news…

Not only you are making this process way harder because you’re getting cravings from the food you have eliminated (especially if you say “No” to your favorite food)… but, you don’t really have to avoid any specific food to lose fat.

Plus, if you’re only relying on willpower to get over those cravings, you will end up binge eating in some way or another.

That is way worse than avoiding any type of food.


Because you start creating a vicious cycle.

This might sound familiar.

You start a diet and restrict yourself from certain food (let’s say desserts, to keep it somewhat general) and you manage to eat 3-4 weeks without cravings…

but at one point, you just want to taste one cookie.

Maybe you’re able to avoid them and resist the temptation for a little while until you can’t rely on willpower anymore.

So what happens next?

Well, you go out and find a way to eat every single cookie you want…

You stopped counting at the first 5 how many you ate (maybe you ate a doze, who knows…).

But as you realize that you probably have eating not only one cookie but way more than what you would have been “allowed” anyway, that feeling of shame and guilt kicks in.

And there, you have 2 options:

  1. Go into fuckery mode and say “well, I already screwed up my diet. I will eat what I want today and tomorrow I will resume my progress.”
  2. Stop right there, feeling you’re a failure or there’s something wrong with you because you couldn’t resist the temptation… and go the next day to the gym to try and “burn all the extra calories” you took the day before.

Who knows, and you end up choosing something between these 2 options.

The point is…

You don’t need to rely on willpower (as you can’t really control it) or motivation to avoid cravings and binge eat.

What you can do is not limit yourself in food availability, which will give you peace of mind knowing you can eat your favorite food while still getting your desired physique.

No need to avoid any type of food when trying to lose weight.

Because as you can see, that sometimes only can lead you to make the progress an infinite feedback loop you don’t want to be in.

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Either way, make sure you’re not making the fat loss progress harder than what it can be in some cases (although it doesn’t have to be).

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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