Why hormones are not important when losing weight

I bet you’ve heard at least once that “hormones help you dictate how your body responds” when losing fat.

And I agree.

Hormones influence a lot of processes in our body… 

including the change in our weight.

For instance, the thyroid is the one that regulates your metabolism

…or how could I forget about insulin, which is responsible for transporting the nutrients throughout your body.

The issue is not whether hormones are important or not, the issue is that hormones are regulated and are taken into account when you do “calories in vs. calories out”.

That’s why it’s nonsense when I hear that losing weight is more than your net caloric balance and that you should pay attention to hormones.

And if you think that energy balance doesn’t consider hormones, here’s something to think about.

When calculating how much you should be eating per day (regardless of your goal), you need to know some factors like your exercise activity (EA) or your basal metabolic rate (BMR)… which is a fancy way of saying how many calories your body needs at rest to exist and function properly.

Well, guess what?

Energy balance (calories in vs. calories out) is based on these exact numbers… 

which just happen to consider the hormones factor into account.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry (or even think about) hormones when you do a caloric deficit to lose weight.

All that matters is that you have a system in place to know whether you’re in a caloric deficit or not (as most people think they are on one when they are not) and you will lose weight.


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But whatever the case…

Next time you hear that hormones are important and should be taken into account to lose weight, send them this post 😉

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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