A new (and better) way to lose fat?

How many times have you to diet and lose fat all at once, just to later on find out you have gained the weight back… sometimes even more?

Even if your answer is just once, I wouldn’t be surprised.

You see, most people want to lose the weight they have to lose (let’s say 25lbs as an example) all at once, yet…

while it’s possible, you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

Here’s why.

For most people, losing fat means you go on a very aggressive caloric deficit while staying there as much as you can to maximize the fat you lose… until you plateau.

From there, you keep creating a deficit – which means cutting calories for most – and keep doing it until you lose those pounds.

But when you have a considerate amount of fat to lose, doing a fat loss phase as a marathon might not be the best way.

The good news is…

there’s actually a new (and better) way of doing this.

Now, this doesn’t ignore the basic law of physics or it means it’s somewhat magical, yet…

you can lose as much fat by minimizing the plateaus… while maximizing your muscle retention.

I’m talking about doing fat loss sprints.

Let me explain.

Instead of going on a 3-month period straight where you create deficits (while adding some refeeds here and there), you divide this in week periods.

That means that you can go 2-3 weeks somewhat aggressive on your caloric deficit, and then go to a diet break for 2 weeks.

From there, you’d go back to a caloric deficit, followed by diet breaks… and so on.

This way you’re doing fat loss as sprints rather than as a marathon.

But there’s a main negative side to this.

That is… 

as you’re taking literally these diet breaks from dieting instead of doing it all at once, by default you’ll be extending how long it will take you to lose the same weight.

Let me show you.

Let’s say you “need” 16 weeks to lose 25 pounds of fat.

Doing it as a marathon, you’d only need 16 weeks (maybe a little bit more if you add diet breaks here and there), but…

doing it as a sprint, it will still take you to lose 16 weeks to lose that weight – but you’d need to account for the weeks you are not dieting between them.

So let’s say you’d add about 12 weeks from those diet breaks to your 16 weeks of dieting…

that will give you a total of 28 weeks.

So that’s close to twice the duration to lose the same weight.

And let me ask you…

what’s the reason to rush it anyway?…

Unless you have been diagnosed with some medical condition (which you should be having medical advice for that), chances are you can make your fat loss phase longer.

Plus, you’d not only be able to retain more muscle and lose more fat, but also increase the likelihood you’ll keep that weight.

But in the end, you’re free to choose.

Do you want to make it less likely that you’ll feel like hell when dieting and you’ll gain your weight back? 

Then going for a fat loss sprint may be something you’re gonna want to use.

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Either way, now you have a better approach to losing fat and make it more likely that it’s the last time you need to diet to lose those pounds of fat.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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