So, who am I?...

I went from not doing any exercise in my entire life...

to now helping others change the way they see and think about themselves, their minds and their bodies.

I do this in a way that even when I thought it was “common sense”, seems like that’s still not the case at all.

There are still influencers on Instagram, TikTok and other social media who claim to have the real answer to losing weight and keeping it off, yet…

the only thing they do is give you BS information or some ‘magical’ supplement. Thus, making things way worse (and more complicated).

That’s why it took me 1 year to go from visiting nutritionists and  coaches (who didn’t give me sustainable results and make me wonder what I was doing)… to now knowing I don’t need to even stop eating the food I enjoy or starve myself to lose fat and keep it off (and neither should you if you want to keep the results).

1-year transformation
⬆️ This is my 1-year transformation, back when I started in 2013. (BTW, my haircut has also undergone a transformation...)

Now, I want to help you...

❌ Stop thinking about diets as something you do for a while and then hope you keep the results

❌ Not knowing whether you can say “Yes” to a social event because if you go you could lose all the progress you’ve had

❌ Get out of the idea that you need to go crazy low on calories, starve yourself or “eat clean” (whatever that means)…

❌ Not knowing what’s keeping you from losing those pounds and how to tweak your diet/training accordingly when you plateau.

That’s why when you know how to lose weight (as well as how long, and how much you need to lose), everything becomes way simpler – as it should.

You no longer have to guess or think that hopefully there’s a magic pill or diet like keto or intermittent fasting to see results and sustain them.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

Once you know the same scientific principles on how fat loss actually works and how to do it for yourself, it’s a matter of how fast you want to progress.

To help you achieve that, I’ve put a Free Cheat sheet you download, in which it details everything you need to know to start seeing results.

And in case you’re wondering…

this is the exact same process (and Cheat sheet) I recently used (in October 2021) to lose a total of 23 pounds in 4 months. 

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