How long will it take you to lose all the weight you want?

How many times have you wondered… when should you stop dieting?

What’s more…

How much should you actually diet and for how long? …and what happens when you don’t get to your goals?

Well, let’s break this down.

First, you should have an idea on how much weight you want to lose and that the more aggressive you diet (which I don’t recommend if you want to preserve more muscle), the shorter it will be.

That being said…

If you have to lose like 50 pounds and want to do it in 8 weeks, you’re making it harder on yourself.

Not only will you be going through a lot of pain (not literally) during those 8 weeks, but…

You know it’s very likely most of those pounds lost will be fat and lean body mass, while increasing the chances of gaining that weight back.

That’s why in the Cheat sheet you get when you sign up (Click here if you haven’t signed up yet) you get to have an idea on how much time it will take you to lose the weight you want.

For instance, when I used it to lose close to 5kg (11 pounds), I did it in 2 months. That’s a little bit more than 1 pound per week – on average.

I know it’s not as impressive as you find online nowadays (like losing 50 pounds in 30 days and what not), but I was happy with the results I got.

And that leads me to the second and most important part.

What’s the reason you’re rushing it?…

You see, most attempts at dieting fail because of one single reason… and that is that we want to get those abs and look shredded NOW.

It’s now or never.

Well, if you were to speed this process up for no real reason (I consider a real reason either you’re gonna be in a contest or you have severe health issues), then it’s better to take the path where you’re gonna keep those results – while feeling good in the process.

Still, in some cases you don’t get to the actual goal you’re looking for… let’s say you saw you wanted to lose 18 pounds in 3 months, yet at the end of month 3 you “only” lost 13 pounds.

Most people feel like they haven’t made any progress or that it was a wasted time, which is ridiculous.

Yes, you failed to reach your goal for 5 pounds, but…

You lost 13 pounds! 

I think that matters, right?…

Yet, the question remains.

What should you do when you don’t get to the goals you’re looking for?

That’s a topic I’ve covered in other posts you’re free to look up, yet… keep in mind it’s a better strategy to stop there and then get back when you’re back at a better starting point than when you’ve been dieting for weeks ahead.

This applies whether you decide to do a reverse diet or simply a diet break.

And if you want to actually give you a breakdown on how to do this, then sign up below and let me know so I can reply back to you:


For your imminent success,

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic