Are you sexualizing the way you eat?

Here’s one of the main problems with the fitness industry.

One day, you found out a new study that supports a current diet and everyone starts believing that’s the “ultimate” diet to lose weight.

Or… you see a very dramatic transformation online following a particular regimen and feel like it’s the only way to lose those pounds and get a similar physique.

Well, this only causes you to start sexualizing diets.

Here’s what I mean.

You find a particular diet very attractive for some reason, and then feel attracted to it… and of course, you cannot stop thinking about the results you’d get if you were to follow that same diet.

The issue is…

There’s zero diets that are miraculous.

Or said in another way, all diets work… but not all of them won’t necessarily work for you.


Because if you love to eat fries, rice, pizza and pasta, yet… you go out there trying a keto diet, you will be making it harder for yourself (and for no real reason).

That’s why I call it sexualizing diets.

For you to get the desired body you want (and actually keep the results), then you have to focus on what matters – which I’ve shared before what it is.

But even then…

There are some basic guidelines you can consider using in your diet right away to start feeling less cravings and with that desire of binge eating (even without changing how much you’re eating right now).

Plus, it can help you lose an extra pound or two when doing so – don’t expect miracles of course, but it can happen.

I call them “Fat Loss Multipliers” for a reason.

And if you want to know what these multipliers are, I have an ebook you can check out… or, you can sign up below to and access it for Free – while also getting daily tips like this delivered at your inbox.


Focus on what matters (which I’ve talked about in other posts) and you’ll follow an approach that works for you… ignoring all the ‘sexualization’ that exists out there to diets (even supplements).

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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