What are the best exercises for (belly) fat loss?

The other day, someone asked me this questions on a forum:

“What are the best exercises to lose belly fat?”

Now, while I really think it’s a genuine concern this person had, in reality it doesn’t make any sense.


Because there’s no such a thing as exercises for fat loss… just as there aren’t exercises for muscle gain.

Plus, the mistake in this question is that it’s talking about exercises to lose belly fat… as if there was possible to lose weight on targeted points.

Have you ever seen a man with shredded abs and a slim arm without any muscle?

Me neither… because fat gain and fat loss happens in your whole body at the same time (your body just has more predisposition to distribute more in certain areas)

But I get it.

The idea is that you want to make sure you’re really losing fat where you want it.

Just keep this in mind.

As I answered in the forum, your routine when working out has to be the same intensity as you were before.

If any, you should train harder to make sure you’re preserving as much lean tissue as possible.

By focusing on creating a deficit and training hard(er),…

results will eventually be noticeable.

Don’t feel discouraged as the middle area is where we tend to see results the latest, yet…

with consistency and if you’re doing things right, you’ll eventually see changes in your belly (as well as in the rest of your body).

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Ivan @ Fitnessthetic