Cutting carbs won’t help you lose weight

The more you cut rice (or any carb), the higher the chances of you gaining your weight back.

Here’s why.

In many cultures, people consume a lot of rice as part of their daily meals.

But when they want to lose weight, they first turn to remove this food from their diets…

which can end up in them not melting any fat.

In fact, it can be way worse.

Because what’s going to happen the moment people have cut all the rice is that they won’t know what else to do (i.e. what else to reduce or cut from their diets).

The reasoning behind cutting rice (or even carbs) is that they think it is what makes people gain weight.

I mean, that’s how you end up storing fat, right?

Well, not really.

Yes, you can end up gaining weight because of carbs… just as you can gain it from protein or fats.

Because what makes you gain (or lose) weight is not a specific type of food…

it is the amount you consume and if it exceeds your energy expenditure.

So that’s why when people cut some rice, they start seeing results at the beginning (I mean, they are creating a caloric deficit by not eating rice), yet…

they will eventually end up not making any progress after 3-4 weeks.

That’s why a better approach is to not only know how many calories you should be eating right now, but to have some way of measurement that shows you whether you’re creating a deficit or not.

In that way, you also know how to tweak your diet accordingly when you stop making progress.

And if you want to know how you can know what to eat, how much and even add some “tweaks” that force your body to lose more fat, then all you have to do is sign up below:


So go ahead and enjoy some rice, fries or desserts…

I promise you that’s not what’s going to screw up your diet. 

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic