How to know which diet is the best for you

If you haven’t managed to keep the weight off you lose when dieting, this may be the reason.

You see, one thing many people do when they have tried to lose fat at least more than once without being able to sustain those results is quite the opposite of what they should.

Once they saw that they couldn’t maintain their weight with keto, they now go on a try Intermittent Fasting.

Next, they might try paleo… and if till then it hasn’t work, they hope counting calories will do the job.

But here’s the problem.

All of these can help you lose weight an keep it off (there’s no magic diet here), but…

It doesn’t mean all of these will work for you.


Because to find what’s going to be te best diet for you, you need to keep in mind the #1 requirement for you to do any diet.

If you can’t have this criterion, it doesn’t matter if it would even exist some miracle diet or supplement…

you would simply end up when you started.

That criteria is its sustainability for you when doing it.

Nothing sexy, I know.

But research has proved that what separates those who manage to not only lose weight but keep it off over the period of years is how they used an approach that they could follow not only when dieting to lose weight, but especially afterwards.

So whenever you feel like you’ve tried everything out to lose weight and might be considering other options like supplements as the solution, first consider this.

And if you want to not only know how to do this, but maybe even using the 3-quick “tweaks” you can make in your diet that force your body to multiply the fat you lose (don’t expect quick and even breakthrough changes, but they are just proven to work by basics law of thermodynamics), then you’re gonna want to sign up below:


Remember, no diet will work for you as long as you can’t sustain it… and it just happens that when you use these 3 “tweaks”, you increase the chances of not starving yourself or having cravings.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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