How many calories do you need per day? Science says…

If you think that to maintain your weight you won’t be able to eat more and eat what you enjoy, let me show you a better way…

You may already know that you need a formula to calculate the calories you need per day, but…

you may think you need to give up some foods.

But even if you have the will to do it, you know that it won’t be that easy.

In fact, what would happen when you have the temptation of eating that food you enjoy?

The truth is that no one is 100% able to avoid some food for the rest of their lives…

and you don’t have to, either.

It’s not a coincidence that studies show that 95 out of 100 people who diet fail. They not only gain all the weight back, but in 3 years they gain even more weight than before.

But you didn’t diet to gain all your weight back… let alone add more of it. You want to stop having to hide your belly with clothes and proudly show your results.

But what if you’re able to not only eat what you enjoy every single day… but never have to stop eating them… while eating more and still being able to maintain your ideal weight?

Well, it’s possible.

To answer that question, you’re going to answer the question:

How do you maintain your weight? Or said in another way…

How many calories do you need to consume per day to maintain it?

Well, there are 2 ways to answer this:

  1. Whatever is the amount you’re eating per day, track on average how much you’re eating. 
  2. Use any of the formulas available to calculate your predictable maintenance calories. I use the Muller equation.

In either case, make sure you’re weighing yourself daily in the same conditions.

What do I mean by the same conditions? 

Preferably in the morning (you have an empty stomach), after going to the bathroom, and with the same number of clothes.

Take an average of your weight per week. If your weight hasn’t radically changed (it will fluctuate) for 2 weeks with the amount of calories you’re eating…

you’ve discovered your maintenance calories.

Just keep in mind that in many cases this is your predicted maintenance calories, yet you need to find out your actual maintenance calories.

In most cases, consider that you’d get better results if you do a reverse diet to get your metabolism to optimum functioning. This means, maintaining the same body with the possibility of eating more calories… sounds good, right?

There are more details that it’s hardly impossible to cover in here, so…

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