3 myths that stop you from losing fat

One of the most common myths of all in the fitness industry is:

“People shouldn’t eat carbs. They are the enemy.”

Well, I’ve always wondered where they come up with that.

Because science says something totally opposite.

They have done a lot of research and here’s what they found. It doesn’t matter whether you distribute more carbs or fats in your diet… if calories and protein are equated, they lost the same amount of weight at the end of the study.

So what does this mean?

It means that if you feel more attached (and think you could even have an affair) with carbohydrates, then don’t eliminate them from your diet. You’re just making it harder for yourself for no reason.

The same goes with the next myth.

“Carbs are not the real enemy… Fat stores fat, so eat less of it”

The answer is the same explanation as for carbs.

What matters is that you’re in a deficit so you can actually lose weight… and remember, dieting on very low calories or using “magic tricks” will never outperform a diet you can sustain and that it doesn’t make you feel like dieting.

That’s why I use flexible diet.

No, it’s not the ultimate diet (won’t ever exist such a thing), but as long as I eat my daily macronutrients and have fiber and water in place (which you should anway, regardless)… I can eat a burger, pizza, ice cream, or anything I please.

The best part is I don’t feel guilty and then make things worse by binge eating.


Here’s my favorite myth of all

“Show me your abs. No one should give you advice if they don’t have a very shredded body with 6-packs.”

Yes, there is a huge bridge between theory and practice. Someone can have all the certificates and know how to lose weight or gain muscle, but if they haven’t even tried things on themselves and others, they shouldn’t even give advice, right?

Well, here’s something to think about.

You’ve seen jacked guys all over the fitness industry giving their advice, but not all of them can always give their advice to work on everyone. Why?

You tell me.

…Maybe they just did something that worked for them when they tried it and now they think they have it all figured out.

…Maybe it is that they don’t know the underlying principles, and they can ‘say’ whatever they want. Most people will believe them since this influencer has a great physique that “proves” he knows what he’s doing.

Who knows, but if that would be the case everyone would be fit by this time, and even better… people would know how to make the process easier and keep their weight off (it is easy to lose weight compared to keeping it off, but that’s for another email).

And I go against that.

That’s why when you sign up below, you get to know the science behind fat loss (and how to keep those results) without cravings, starving yourself… or even feeling like dieting.


Now go ahead and enjoy your next meal… just as I’m going to do mine 😉

Ivan Iniguez