How to maintain a healthy diet in busy routines?

If you’ve wondered how you can maintain a particular diet when things aren’t as flexible as you’d want to, that’s not a problem.

Now, there aren’t any set of rules about this, yet…

here are some basic guidelines.

Make sure to choose the ones that is suitable for you.

First, if you’re on a very low calorie and know that by eating outside you would surpass your daily macros/calories, then think about doing meal prep.

Might not be the most sexy thing of all, I know.

Still, meal prep is one of the simplest (yet most time consuming) methods to know that you’ll eat what you need in advance and just worry about cooking everything.

You could meal prep for the day, or go heavier and do it for the entire week Ideally, you go for the latter).

Now, assuming meal prep isn’t an option for you (for whatever reason), another option you have is to go in advance and get familiar with the most common food places you visit every day.

Chances are you know a restaurant or two you’re frequently visiting and find ways to get to know their menu so you can see what option adapts to your current calories and goals.

In the not so rare scenario this still doesn’t work, then there’s another option.

You’d simply need to go everyday and focus on finding and making the best options you can, based on your current situation.

If you were to ask me, doing meal prep isn’t the sexiest option available, yet…

you don’t have to waste energy every meal thinking about where to eat whether it supports your current diet or not.

It all comes down to what you define by a busy routine.

That’s why I think that no matter what, doing meal prep should be the first option and see how you adapt it to your routine.

These are just some options, of course.

I know things like preparing your meals in advance may not be suitable option.

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Ivan Iniguez

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