Is a salad better than a cookie for fat loss?

How many times have you heard the “avoid processed foods because they make you fat” narrative?

This is only half true.

Yes, you should try to pick more Whole Foods instead of processed foods, yet not for the reason you’re thinking.

This is what many coaches and “experts” think it’s true, and I really don’t know why.

I call this the cookie or salad dilemma.

Here’s what it means.

Let’s say you’re eating about 2400kcal per day to create a deficit and lose weight.

One day, you had about 100kcal left and decided to go out and see what to eat to get those calories.

But you then go to a food court and see 2 different restaurants that got your attention. 

One is a restaurant that mainly offers salads, and the other one offers you all type of desserts like cookies, cakes or ice creams.

Now here’s where the dilemma comes in.

Which one do you choose? A cookie or a salad…?

You start thinking this beyond imagination… you can either go with the salad and feel more satiated (and maybe without guilt) than going with the cookie.

The issue is that you’re really craving that cookie as you haven’t eaten one for months and wanted to have one today.

So let me ask you again… which one do you choose?

Well, regardless of which one do you choose… here’s the way you should make that decision.

It’s not based on whether you think one is “healthier” than the other or that one is “good” and the other “bad”.

It should be on what you want that moment, what you like, and whether it’s going to help you reach your calories (and macros) goals.

If the cookie has 80kcal, then by all means go after it (again, assuming your macros are also checked). This is way simpler than what most people do it, yet they make it complicated for no reason.

Either way, if you want to know in great detail how this works as well as start reaching your fitness goals without having to crave foods or even feeling like dieting, then sign up below to receive daily email tips about it.


Now go and eat a salad… or a cookie, if you wish.

I’ll probably go eat the second option 😉

Ivan Iniguez