1917: Physician revealed what it takes to lose weight (and keep it)

You might be wondering,

If it has been this info out there for a while, why is it that people don’t use it or debate this?

And to be honest, I don’t have an answer for that.

But back in 1917, a physician named Lulu Peters introduced a concept that was new to everyone.

This concept has been now more than accepted and given as granted for many fitness experts and coaches, yet…

the vast majority seems to believe they can go against the law of physics itself.


Because Peters gave the foundation of what calories are to the body and what they mean.

Look, a calorie is a calorie no matter what (technically, the source of it is the only thing that varies, but that’s for another topic).

The point is… 

This physician showed that a caloric intake is the basis of energy balance.

No matter what diet you follow, what you eat or how often… if you don’t have the right energy balance to get to the outcome you want, then you’re not going to see any difference (even when you believe you’re making changes to your diet).

That’s why I’m giving you a Free cheat sheet you can use to know exactly how much you need from where you’re right now to start losing weight (and keep it).

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Now, I’m going to go out and eat a burger… knowing I’ll still be within my calories to lose weight.

Ivan Iniguez