What do you need to do to get your desired weight (for good)?

Quick quiz

What do you need to do to achieve your desired weight?

  1. Lessen your calories
  2. Maintain your calories
  3. Add calories

Go ahead, take your time…


Ok, so here’s the answer… all of them are wrong!

Let me show you why.

If you paid attention, there’s no exact information of what your current weight is, neither of what your desired weight is.

If you were to weigh 80kg and want to get to 70kg, then I know where you’re starting and that you need to create a caloric deficit (lessen your calories).

Want to gain muscle from 68kg to 74kg? Great. 

Now I know you need to create a caloric surplus (add calories).

You see, without knowing where you’re at right now and what is your desired weight, all advice becomes just a supposition.

Once you know both of these details, you can start knowing what to do to get there.

But keep in mind that once you know this, then the next step (and honestly, is the first step…) you should know and use an approach you’re likely to maintain for a period longer than the diet.

Meaning… you shouldn’t look to follow a diet for some months and then go back to normal. Instead, focus on finding something that won’t make you feel like dieting, so that you can eat in the same way from now on.

Won’t have any issue giving up carbs? Then keto might be a good way to do it. If you rather love carbs, then don’t even try this approach (there’s no magic in it).

Do you feel like you could skip a meal or two and don’t feel hungry at all (or feeling like a nightmare)? Perfect. Then intermittent fasting can be a good approach.

There’s no such a thing as a miracle diet, and whoever tells you there is… run away.

Focus on adherence and then on consuming the calories you need based on your goals (considering what I mentioned at the beginning) and you’ll get there.

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