This is an allowable weight loss rate per week

The faster you can lose weight, the better… right?

Well, here’s something to consider.

I’ve seen people on forums and groups who try to lose from 1kg to 10kg per month.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that… the question is… 

How much is a good rate?

Well, it all goes down to whether you want to keep your weight off or not.

Here’s why.

If you were to aim for 1kg of fat loss per month (depending on where you’re starting out), you’d have much more control over your calories, what you eat, and whether you starve yourself or not (which you probably won’t).

In contrast, going crazy and attempting to lose 10kg is the fastest way to make the whole process a pain and then wonder why you didn’t took another approach as you gain the weight back.

Unless you have never even attempted to diet, and it’s your first time working out…

you’ll much more safe in the 1kg per month weight loss goal.

This is because the response of the body to the stimulus of training and dieting will lead to more fat loss that’s completely new vs someone who has been working out for a while and has been attempting to diet.

If you take this as a sprint and say “I want to lose X in 30 days” or whatever, you’ll only end up where you started… not always, but don’t be surprised if that’s the case either.

You know diets aren’t easy, yet…

You can work to follow them in a way you don’t even feel like dieting.

So if you want to lose fat for good without feeling any guilt and then probably end up like most people gaining their weight back, all you have to do is sign up below.


Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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