How to add some pounds after Holidays

There’s a simple way to add some pounds on Christmas, New Year,… even weekends.

You just have to eat more of what you “should” and then you’ll gain some weight.

That means, underestimating how much you’re eating and eating above your current calories.

The thing is…

Research says most people who gain weight during holidays tend to add at least a pound of weight (which you can stay sure it’s fat)… where most aren’t able to lose it in the upcoming weeks or months.

So they go from 167 to 168 lbs… or 193 to 194.

You get the idea.

If you were to account for that simple and apparently innocent pound for every Christmas or holiday… it starts to compound.

In 10 years, most people would gain about 10 lbs of weight and never be able to lose it… of course, the more years that pass by, the more weight you gain.

On the bright side… 

you don’t have to gain a single pound if you don’t want to on Holidays.

In fact, you’d actually keep or lose fat during New Year or any holiday.

You know the principles are to eat at your maintenance calories, yet it’s easier said than done for obvious reasons.

Friends and family, social life… food is more than just a way of energy, but we tend to eat based on our  emotions (like stress or guilt).

So if you want to know in great detail how to keep your weight if you want to, gain muscle or lose fat if you want to (without having to ever feel like dieting), then click the link below to get tips that will help you get the body you want (w/o restrictions).


Ivan Iniguez

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