What to do when you reach a plateau?

Let’s picture this.

You’ve been dieting for the past few weeks and you started to lose some weight (Congrats!), yet…

one week, you noticed the scale wasn’t really moving.

You wonder what exactly to do when you get to that point…

Maybe it’s eating less? But how much less? What if next week all of a sudden you kept losing weight without making any changes?

Well, let me give you the short answer.

I should start by mentioning that getting to this point is what’s known as a plateau, and it’s more than a normal part of the fat loss process (in fact, you should expect it).

Once you reach metabolic adaptation (a fancy way of saying your body has been forced to adapt to the caloric deficit to survive), you will stop your progress at a certain point…

But, that doesn’t mean you should jump and create an aggressive caloric deficit to continue seeing results (sometimes you don’t need to even create a change at all).

You know, there are different strategies to go about it.

One that has been highly suggested (and I used them as well) are either refeed days or diet breaks.

None of these are Cheat days or Cheat meals…

Both cheat days or meals won’t give you the actual progress you need to kick-ass your metabolism enough to continue the process… because they aren’t planned or controlled.


If you want to see how you actually do this in a planned way so that you continue your fat loss process (without wondering whether you’re doing it right or wrong), then all you have to do is sign up below:


Plateaus are part of the process, unless you have one in a million metabolism who doesn’t adapt (which is the exception, not the rule).

So discover how simple it is to deal with plateaus by signing up.

Ivan “The Underground Fitness” Iniguez

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