2 words to spot an amateur fitness coach dressed up like a pro

Ask a question in regards to weight loss to 5 fitness coaches… and their answers will determine who you’re talking to.

Here’s what I mean.

WIth the constant rise of new fitness coaches coming out of nowhere, there should be a way to spot those who know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about… from those who just throw complicated terms like “insulin response” or “high glycemic index”.

To be specific, I’m talking about those who tell you (you should do X if you’re having Y)… like, ‘you should stop eating fast food if you want to lose weight’.

Even better, there’s also those who think they know it all and that the information cannot change (or get updated, if you will) and think that what they had to “back up” their position is still valid today.

This doesn’t affect the actual basic principles, of course, but…

when it comes to certain tips and advice for fat loss, many fitness coaches pretend to know it all.

That’s what I call being an amateur fitness coach dressed up like a pro.

But, what if you want to spot a real expert who has some sense of what you need to do?

Well, there are 2 words that every expert should say before giving you any advice.

These 2 words are: “It depends”.

The reason is pretty simple.

Because we don’t know what’s your current situation at all, what your goals are and what you’ve tried in the past (and why it didn’t work), we won’t share some cookie-cutter response to your specific problem.

It would be crazy for someone who knows giving a simple Y/N answer with an explanation without asking you some questions first.

That’s why experts say “It depends” in basically all their responses.

Now go ahead and see who you’re currently following and pay attention to the words they are using.

Sometimes you can be surprised…

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Don’t forget… there are a ton of fitness coaches dressing up out there with fancy words and citations of studies that try to compensate for their lack of knowledge.

Now, you know better.

Ivan “The Fitness Underground” Iniguez