When you want to disappear your belly fat, you do this

Losing belly fat is hard, right?

Well, only if you’re following the advice you hear out there.

Let me explain.

The area most people (both men and women) want to change first and see results asap is their belly area.

And it makes sense why.

It’s not like something we’re really proud of, let alone enjoy seeing it or feeling it.

The thing is…

we try to look for diets and exercises that specifically target and “burn” that area when in reality there isn’t such a thing.

If anything, you’ll see your belly area gone as the last thing.


Because fat distribution is the same across all the body.

Let me say that again.

The body distributes the fat in the same way in your body… it’s just that it’s much more likely to have areas where it enjoys to make it more noticeable.

For most, that’s the belly.

That’s why we also measure body fat percentage and have one number for the whole body, because that’s how the body works.

But just as it’s more noticeable to get noticed when having an excess of fat, the same happens when you’re losing that excess of fat.

For instance, I’m sure you have noticed that when you lose some weight your face looks thinner and some veins start to pop up in your arms as well.

So, losing belly fat isn’t that hard.

Not when compared to losing fat in general.

Because there isn’t a way to lose localized fat, but when you create a deficit you’re going to lose fat… and you’ll end up noticing it in the end in your belly.

That’s the way fat distribution works.

So don’t feel tempted to even believe that the belly can be burned in isolation, let alone you have to find a specific diet or exercise to lose fat in that area.

Focus on having a sustainable approach and you’ll do fine.

There’s no reason why sticking with this won’t allow you to see the fat loss in all your body – especially in your belly 😉

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Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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