Why extreme diets make you fatter

Quick question:

What’s the #1 reason why extreme diets fail?

  1. They aren’t sustainable
  2. They don’t work
  3. They prevent you from eating what you want
  4. They will always work – it’s a myth

Now, while some answers have some truths to the question (except the last one), there’s only one correct answer.

That is the first option, of course.

I’ve seen dieters start wondering about cutting their calories to create a deficit (good) of at least 2,000kcal… just eating less than a thousand calories a day (bad).

Doing this is only putting them in a bad situation

And the reason is pretty simple.

They are not only playing not to lose (rather than to gain), but…

they are putting themselves in a much harder situation for no reason.


Because for them to see results, they have no real reason to go so low on calories right out of the gate.

In fact, doing so will only make them feel the urge to binge eat, starve themselves, and make them wonder what to do when they reach a plateau.

That’s why extreme diets make you fatter.

People who try it aren’t able to not only follow through but actually keep it.

As a result, they end up gaining their weight back (and then some).

The true beauty is…

You don’t have to go so low in calories.

You might not even need to reduce the food you eat at all – will depend on some factors, of course.

And while I tell you on my daily email tips how to do this, if you want to actually eat the same (even more) while losing weight… I share with you the 3-quick “tweaks” in your diet ‘force’ your body to lose more fat when you sign up below:


Sure, these tweaks aren’t miracles and will be meaningless compared to having a deficit, yet…

That doesn’t mean they can help you not even feel like dieting at all when you use them.

You can check it out for yourself when you sign up above.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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