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Why losing fat is simpler than you think

f it seems that no matter how hard you try to lose weight with diets or exercise, then let me share something with you. Even when you’ve tried a lot and haven’t seen the results you want (or keep them), losing fat is simpler than you think. Here’s why. You’ve probably heard a lot of

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A new (and better) way to lose fat?

How many times have you to diet and lose fat all at once, just to later on find out you have gained the weight back… sometimes even more? Even if your answer is just once, I wouldn’t be surprised. You see, most people want to lose the weight they have to lose (let’s say 25lbs

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Why extreme diets make you fatter

Quick question: What’s the #1 reason why extreme diets fail? They aren’t sustainable They don’t work They prevent you from eating what you want They will always work – it’s a myth Now, while some answers have some truths to the question (except the last one), there’s only one correct answer. That is the first

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How long will it take you to lose all the weight you want?

How many times have you wondered… when should you stop dieting? What’s more… How much should you actually diet and for how long? …and what happens when you don’t get to your goals? Well, let’s break this down. First, you should have an idea on how much weight you want to lose and that the

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Why most people lose weight the hard way

First things first, let’s see how to lose fat the hard way. It’s important to point out that regardless of the definition, this is based completely on science. That means, opinions aren’t actually very helpful when data tells us the opposite. Cool?… Ok.  So now, here it is how to know whether you’re trying to

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2 words to spot an amateur fitness coach dressed up like a pro

Ask a question in regards to weight loss to 5 fitness coaches… and their answers will determine who you’re talking to. Here’s what I mean. WIth the constant rise of new fitness coaches coming out of nowhere, there should be a way to spot those who know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about…

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This is what a “diet” really means

Many people go out there saying they are on a diet without paying attention to the real definition. To begin with, let’s explore the roots of the word diet. It comes from the greek diata, which means “a way of living” So this means that when you say “you’re on a diet”, in reality, you

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Not all weight loss is created equal

Do you know why I’d rather lose 3-5 pounds of fat per month than 10+ of weight? Simply because it lets me know that the majority of the weight I lose will come from fat and not other tissues like muscle. There’s this idea that all weight loss is created equal. And they simply don’t

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The myth of Glycemic Index and what to focus instead

If you were to say that GI is important, you’d be right. But at the same time, you would be focusing only on one area rather than in the whole scenario. Let me explain. It’s not uncommon to hear that people should avoid high glycemic index food since that causes spike in insulin, thus leading

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