About your guilt after eating out

Imagine that you’re going out to eat on a Friday with some friends.

You had a lot of expectations to go out with them during the week, so you got ready for it.

Then Friday comes by… 

You get to meet with your friends at a restaurant and start having a good time.

You catch up on each one’s lives and share what’s good.

Then the waitress comes by and hands all of you the menu to start ordering.

You had high expectations for both the food and the meeting with your friends that you weren’t thinking that much about worrying… even when you’re on a diet.

So you open the menu and start looking at each option in a very detailed way, almost like a detective.

You hear your friends saying all the options they like about the menu and what they will order…

but you’re not done yet.

You find out all your friends want to go with something simple like burgers and order an ice cream as dessert.

Yet someone in your head starts telling you “You cannot have a burger or anything like that… you’re on a diet”.

You want to have a good time with your friends and relax, but going for the burger would destroy all the progress you’re making with your diet so far, right?

Then out of nowhere the waitress comes back and asks for your order, asking your order in the end.

Everyone ordered a burger and the ice cream… you could (and really wanted) to say that you’d rather go with a salad “that day” because you’re on a diet.

But as if you didn’t have control over your head and your lips, you open your mouth and say:

“I’d also like to take the burger and the ice cream, please.”

The waitress then congratulates everyone for their choices and goes away, while your friends get back to talking.

But you feel inside like you’ve made the worst decision of your life.

You knew you wanted to eat something that doesn’t screw up your progress… but you also knew you didn’t want to be critiqued or embarrassed by your friends if you were to order something different.

So now you’ll do either one of 2 things:

You will justify your decision by saying that it’s a special occasion, so even if you’re to wake up the next day with an extra 2 pounds, you’ll say that it was to have a good time with them… 

or you will eat your burger and ice cream with so much guilt to the point you cannot enjoy the rest of your night with your friends. Who know and that guilt will transform into a “fuck it” mode and make you binge eat… and I don’t have to tell you what happens the next morning with that.

But, are these the only options you had?

What if when the waitress asked you, you’d confidently say that you want the burger and the ice cream, almost salivating to already start eating it? 

In that way, you enjoy your food and have a great time with your friends… you didn’t even give it too much of a thought to your decision.

The best part? 

When you wake up the next day and you see on the scale that you lost another pound.

No, even when this was a made up example, it’s not too far from reality either (I know a lot of people – including me – that went through this particular scenario).

It doesn’t sound too good to be true… or it doesn’t have to sound that way, at least.

If you were to tell me something like this was possible 8 years ago, I’d have thought that it was because of some “magical diet” or a cheat meal.

But when I found out there’s no magical diet, and cheat meals are exactly part of the problem (yes, they are planned, but what you eat doesn’t necessarily fit into your diet “budget”), I found out how to make this last scenario possible… pretty much every time.

A place where every day you can eat what you want, when you want, regardless of whether you’re on a diet or not… and knowing you’re not going to feel guilty or you’re going to slow the progress in any way.

If you want to know how, it’s exactly what I’m talking about in my next month’s newsletter issue.

You’re going to see how simple (and I’d say easy) it is to consistently lose weight while eating all the food you enjoy (no restrictions on that).

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Don’t need to feel guilty when going out to eat with friends at restaurants… let me show you a better way.

Ivan Iniguez