Myth: you need to diet to get a six-pack?

So someone asked me this question the other day on a forum:

“Can I get a six pack without sticking to a certain diet? If so, how?”

The simple answer… not really.

The real and more complex answer… 

It’s hard to say.

It doesn’t matter what diet you follow (whether that’s keto, intermittent fasting, etc),

If you do one thing when trying to lose fat (which is what you need to get a six pack), then it doesn’t matter what diet you follow, if any.

What is that one thing?

I’ll tell you in a second because I first need to tell you this about diets.

When we say dieting, it simply means a particular way of eating on your daily basis….no more, no less.

So no, you don’t *technically* need to stick to a certain diet to get a six pack, but…

you definitely need to be on a caloric deficit to do it.

That’s literally the #1 requirement you need.

You are either on a deficit or not… there’s no other way to go about it (regardless of what you hear all around the internet).

So as long as you’re on a deficit, you could go from different diets and still lose fat to the point where you get a six-pack, yet…

Going all crazy and extremes will definitely show up as a consequence.

If you go on for 3 weeks on a keto diet, then next Monday you do a low fat diet (or other diet), you’re hardly gonna get results.

In fact, in this particular situation you’d end up gaining all your weight back (and then some).

Might tell you about why in the future.

The takeaway message is that diets are a way to set up limits (where they should be easy) to stick to a way of eating… and you’ll get a six-pack only if you’re on a deficit, regardless of the diet.

For now, go enjoy your food and stay assure you can lose fat without feeling guilty afterwards 😉

In fact, I’m going to eat a burger right now (and I’m on a deficit).

So keep working hard, you got this.

Ivan ”The Underground Coach” Iniguez

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With that, I’ll now let you enjoy your food without thinking every single detail too much.