Why eating clean is the worst advice when losing weight

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for any amount of time, you’ve heard that a common “advice” is eating clean.

The basics are simple.

Eliminate all the processed food and just eat vegetables and some lean meat, but…

here’s why eating clean is the worst advice to lose weight.

Let’s say you manage to lose about 5 pounds of fat when you make this change (don’t focus on the number, it’s just an example), but then you start plateauing and not seeing any progress.

What are you going to do then?

Eat… clean(er)?

Don’t think that will work.

And look, I made this mistake when I started out.

I went on from what I now calculate were 2,200kcal to less than 1,300kcal… all because I stopped eating bread, rice, sugar… and went my days just be eating salads with chicken.

This resulted in one of the worst mistakes I’ve made.

Especially when I was starting, I know I could have built more muscle from the beginning while getting leaner at the same time, yet…

this type of advice actually made me gain more weight in the long-term.

But, what’s the alternative?


Go and find a diet that’s going to work for you (both short-term to give you the results, and long-term to get you to keep those results).

There are no good or bad diets out there (science has been pretty clear about that in the last 20 years), but the diet you choose can be the right one or the wrong one for you.

Find something you can stick to it and you won’t even feel like dieting at all.

If you don’t want to give up your favorite food (like pizza, donuts, cookies… anything), then you don’t have to do it to lose those pounds.

Just know how much you should be eating right now and create a caloric deficit.

That’s the only way to lose weight… regardless of the diet you follow.

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Even if you don’t subscribe (that’s fine), just know that following the “I will eat clean to lose weight” advice isn’t a really helpful way to keep the weight off.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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