The #1 sign you’re obsessing too much about calories… and what to do instead

If you think that calories are important to the point you need to track every step you take, here’s something to consider.

Calories are important, not only to understand them but to keep track of them.

The thing is…

Most people get too obsessed with them to the point they pay attention to things that don’t matter as much as they really are.

Let me give you a quick example.

It’s no surprise to see questions around forums (I’m usually around Quora) where every question I get from people is about calories.

  • Are my calories enough for my current physique?
  • Do I need to eat my calories back?
  • What happens if one day I eat half of what I used to eat?
  • How many calories do I burn if I do X exercise?
  • Which exercise burns more calories, A or B?

All of these are valid questions, yet…

I feel they are focusing too much on one side of the equation rather than in the whole picture.

Look, all you need to do is create a caloric deficit if you want to lose weight or a caloric surplus if you want to gain weight.

It doesn’t get more complicated than that.

Sure, the way you do this is by changing either the calories in or the calories out (CICO) of your total daily energy expenditure, as will be the net balance that will determine whether you gain or lose weight.

When you pay attention to things like which exercise burns more calories, you’re focusing on something unnecessary.

That’s the #1 sign you’re paying too much attention to your calories.

What matters is that you follow something that helps you get closer to your goals, and create that net positive or negative balance in calories to move towards your goals.

So don’t get me wrong.

Energy balance is what will ultimately determine whether you lose fat (or gain muscle), but there’s far more important things to worry about once you know your daily caloric intake… like the macronutrients you’re eating to hit that calories target.

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Whatever the case…

keep working hard and you’ll get there,

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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