the worst way to lose weight?

Believe it or not, there’s a good, bad, and terrible way to lose weight.

But I just want to talk about the worst way right now.

Simply because I feel it’s the way most people choose to lose fat.

So, what do you need to do to lose weight the wrost way?

  • Deliberately starve yourself
  • Spend hours at the gym working out
  • Doing long sessions of cardio almost daily
  • Stop eating the food you enjoy
  • Giving up your social life with friends and family because “you’re on a diet”

You see the problem?

Each one of these options only make you lose weight starting from a tough place already.

It’s no wonder why compliance and adherence are rare in these situations.

Anything that adds extra pressure on your life will be a component to make your process even worse.

Sure, you can stick to it and probably lose the weight you want,…

but at what price?

Plus, as I’ve said in other posts, one thing is to lose weight… and another one completely different is keeping that weight off.

So even if you were to lose those pounds and got your desired physique, as chances are pretty close to zero you’ll be able to stick to something like that long-term, you will only gain all the weight back.

That’s why I’m really into helping you make the next diet you make, the last one you’ll need… without cravings, food restrictions, or even feeling like dieting at all.

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Diets shouldn’t add another layer of stress and pressure into your daily life.

If anything, they should help you go through them by helping you admire the progress you’re doing.

Keep that in mind.

Ivan @ Fitnesstheitc

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