Which is a good number of calories for you to lose weight?

  • 1,200 kcal
  • 1,500 kcal
  • 700 kcal
  • 1,800 kcal

You’ve probably reached one of these numbers at some point, yet…

here’s the hard truth.

There isn’t a certain “magical” number of calories that will make you either gain or lose weight.


Because whether a certain number of calories will make you lose fat or not will be determined by a lot of factors that are only applicable to you.

I bet that you can lose a lot of weight with 700 kcal, but not only it’s a crazy low number of calories… 

it will make it harder for you to then keep losing it.

You will lose a lot of weight pretty quickly? Absolutely.

But once you reach a plateau, then what?…

The point is…

Asking whether a specific calorie intake is enough to lose weight or not is hard to answer as that depends on each individual, how much weight they “have” to lose… and for how long they’ve been doing it (as well as how much they were eating before that).

Focus on creating a somewhat aggressive caloric deficit at the beginning, that’s the first step.

But also know that cutting calories isn’t the only way to create a deficit.

Adding some cardio (don’t get crazy on this) is also a way of creating that negative energy balance for your body to lose weight.

I know there can be a lot of moving parts when losing weight, but when you stay consistent you’ll get there.

As I’ve said before…

Regardless of what approach you follow, if it’s not something you can sustain then you’re destined to keep playing the yo-yo diet cycle.

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Ivan @ Fitnessthetic