Why rapid fat loss = excess weight gain

The faster you lose fat, the greater the weight gain.

Let me explain.

In a world where people want to lose 10kg in 3 months – if possible, they would do it in a week – it’s not the one who loses that weight the fastest… 

but the one who gets to keep those results.

And while there are other factors that will determine whether you keep the weight lost, the one you can control before even starting your diet is the rate you want to lose that fat.

Does that mean 10kg isn’t possible in 3 months?

Quite the opposite.

It depends a lot on individual bases, but if you can lose about +20kg (not a set number), then you bet that it’s very likely your body to lose half of it in 3 months… simply because your body has a lot of resources to use from your body as energy.

The thing is when you don’t have to lose that much weight.

If you need to lose 5-10kg and want to do it all in 3 months, then you bet that not only you can end up starving yourself for no real reason, but if you don’t know how to properly manage the weight you lost and keep it… the instinct of your body will be to gain at least the same amount of weight you had before.

And of course, it can go beyond that.

That’s why in the last diet I did, I only aimed to lose 10 lbs (5kg) in 3 months… and then another 16 lbs (7.7kg) in 3 months after that.

There wasn’t a real reason for me to do it all at once, or to go for the 12kg in one go.

I could have done it, but it would have been for no real reason to spend 6 months (or more) on a caloric deficit.

And because I did it this way, I now have kept the weight I lost despite being over 5 months I ended up my diet.

So let me ask you?

What’s the reason to rush it?…

Yes, there might be an upcoming event you wanted to look different and fit better into your clothes…

Maybe summer is coming around and you wanted to go to the beach and show how proud you were of seeing those “toned” muscles.

But rushing your fat loss for no real reason is much worse than no dieting at all.

That’s both for you right now (as you’d feel like going through hell) as well as later on thinking it wasn’t really worth it… while having an extra 3-5kg than you had before.

So don’t speed things up for anything… but go all in when you do it.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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